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Flower Breeding and Genetics (Set of 2 Vols.) (Set Price)

Flower Breeding and Genetics (Set of 2 Vols.) (Set Price)

by M. S. Patil

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    New india Publishing Agency

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  • Description

    The intent for a book of this kind was deeply felt by us in the recent years, in view of the marked advances in breeding and seed production of flower crops especially in the last two decades and the lack of up-to-date compilation on the various aspects of genetics of major flower crops of the world. The large volumes of research works that have been done, and the information accumulated over the years necessitated the need for immediate publication of a good updated text book on breeding ornamental flower crops to keep the readers abreast with the current literature and development in the subject. It presents the breeding work on 37 ornamental and flower crops and describes the skills necessary for taking up the cultivar improvement program on these flowers. The opening chapters are meant to provide basic information to the subject, history and development of ornamental plant breeding and major work going on at global level. The major part of the book then considers breeding of all economically important ornamental and flower crops of tropical, sub-tropical and temperate regions. Each chapter is supported by a comprehensive list of bibliography to facilitate readers, locating finer details of the past and recent work of the crop(s). To help readers, some topics in a chapter are broken down into short sub-sections in order to convey the gist of a subject area. The book will serve as an excellent source of reference for flower scientists and teachers too. Additionally, it should be useful to others (enlightened growers, nurserymen, flower traders, agricultural extension officers and policy makers) who wish to become familiar with the topic in relation to their professional interest. However, a basic knowledge of botany and genetics is preferable to fully appreciate the text.

  • Author Biography

    Manjunath S. Patil: is working as Assistant Professor of Horticulture at College of Horticulture Pune, MPKV Rahuri, Maharashtra Anil R. Karale: Ex. Associate Dean, College of Horticulture, Pune-411005 MPKV, Rahuri Maharashtra.

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