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LSNet is an endeavor from LIBSYS Ltd.; New Delhi based Software Company, engaged in providing software solutions since 1984. Continuous growth for last 3 decades has made LIBSYS the most trusted brand for libraries in India. We take pride in being the pioneer and market leader for library automations in India.

The company has its headquarters in Gurgaon and extends its reach nationwide with regional commercial offices in Kolkata and Bangalore. Backed by our strong quality processes and rich experience in managing clients across various domains, we strive for continuous innovations in our offerings that ensure user satisfaction.

LSNet is an online web portal for individual subscribers giving them a common platform for sharing of their personal collection among themselves in a seamless manner. The concept emerged to facilitate everyone with an interface to create, manage and share his/her library. LSNet team has directed continuous efforts to not only realize but augment this vision with extended functionalities making this portal a value delivering space for all users. LSNet is an extension of our core competence and we expect it to be the 'Next Big Thing' among booklovers.

LSNet revolves around the concept of virtual library that includes the collection of individual subscribers and participating specialized libraries and enables all members to maintain and share their collection of books, CD/DVDs, reference material etc. A framework for virtual library, realizing the concept of "Library of Libraries" allows easy sharing of resources among individual through reliable logistics.

For more information please visit www.libsys.co.in

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