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Faceless - The Mystery of the Carved Arrow 20.0%OFF

Faceless - The Mystery of the Carved Arrow

by Ashwin Karthik

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    A renowned scientist is sipping his drink in a five star suite when he drops dead. Was it a cardiac arrest or a well-planned murder? When a neuroscientist is found dead a few days later, Inspector Abinay Chaturvedi is perplexed at the common evidence found at both the crime scenes a carved arrow with a mysterious engraving. As Abinay and his trusted man Lance set out to unravel the mystery, a young and charismatic historian hints at the possible hand of a two-thousand-year-old secret society in the killings. Is there really a secret society working to safeguard dharma? Is Abinay ready to unravel the centuries-old secret? Will Abinay and his team reach the bottom of the mystery of the carved arrow? Faceless: The Mystery of the Carved Arrow is an intriguing journey of an honest policeman trying to find the truth, and the nail-biting aftereffects of man's challenging nature with science.||About the Author: Ashwin Karthik is an engineer by profession and a writer by choice. Now holding a rich work experience of more than a decade in the corporate world, he is the first quadriplegic cerebral palsy student in India to have become an engineering graduate. He is blessed with an indomitable spirit and sees his heroes in his mother, Sachin Tendulkar and Stephen Hawking. Ashwin is also a poet, and writes poetry in English, Kannada and Hindi. With a plethora of awards to his credit, he is an inspiration to many.

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