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Cutting Edge Technology for Agricultural Sustainability

Cutting Edge Technology for Agricultural Sustainability

by A Zaman

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    New India Publishing Agency

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  • Description

    Agricultural Sustainability is a combination of technologies and implementation processes that are used to manage information-related with maintenance of equilibrium condition in the scenario of productivity level in the field of agriculture. Sustainable agriculture is not just about food security, the protection of crops and its cultivation or while it is being processed; it is also about the protection of environment with economic equity and profitability. This is a composite field involving agricultural science, engineering, database and soil-based crop management, user training, and policy issues. A common objective of work in this field is to protect the environment and defend degeneration systems by ensuring resource availability, its integrity, authentication and confidentiality so that the right action can be accessed with the right information and direction at the right time. The book contains 33 chapters pertaining to sections on (i) water resource management (ii) irrigation water management (iii) soil resource management (iv) sustainability in agriculture and (v) crop management and productivity with the content contributed by eminent researchers throughout the world. The book will come as an important contribution to the latest agricultural technologies in bridging up the gap of scientific information to the researchers and policy makers in different relevant field of specialization.

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    A. Zaman: Emeritus Professor, Centurion University of Technology and Management, M S Swaminathan School of Agriculture, Paralakhemundi-761 211, Odisha, India, Co-founder, Vice President, and Member Secretary of International Institute of Bengal Basin, H.Q based in Berkeley, California, USA. Sagar Maitra: Department of Agronomy, MSSSoA, Centurion University of Technology and Management Paralakhemundi-761 211, Odisha, India.

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