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Tuber And Root Crops: Vol.09. Horticulture Science Series 20.0%OFF

Tuber And Root Crops: Vol.09. Horticulture Science Series

by M.S. & K.V.Peter and Palaniswami

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    New India Publishing Agency (NIPA)

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  • Description

    Tuber and root crops are the third important group of food crops after cereals and pulses, feeding about one fifth of the world population. With the burgeoning population coupled with limited land, water and other resources, the future beckons tuber and root crops in fulfilling the countrys food requirements. These crops have higher biological efficiency and greater adoption with profound production potential per unit area per unit time. Tuber and root crops are well known from time immemorial as natures energy bank and famine savior. This book is conceived to have an updated version on the tuber and root crops especially in the Indian context, including information on the history, biodiversity, geographical distribution, botany, neutraceutical and pharmaceutical values, new varieties, production technologies, IPM strategies, starches, post harvest technologies and value added products, bio-processing, biotechnology, ITK and future thrusts. Various aspects of cassava, sweet potato, elephant foot yam, taro, yams, coleus, yam bean and arrow root are elucidated in 17 s and appendices. This book will be of immense use to the policy makers, scientists, post graduate and under graduate students and officials concerned with tuber and root crops research, development and extension.

  • Author Biography

    M.S. Palinaswami: Project Coordinator (Tuber Crops), AICRP on Tuber Crops, Central Tuber Crops Research Institute, Trivandrum.

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