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The Flip Side 24.0%OFF

The Flip Side

by Bailey James

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    Penguin Books Ltd

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    DIVE INTO THE LAUGH OUT LOUD ROMANTIC COMEDY OF THE YEAR! 'Utterly adorable and romantic. I feel uplifted!' GIOVANNA FLETCHER 'It made me laugh out loud, cry my heart out and put a great big grin on my face' Reader Review One coin, one year and one new shot at love. It's New Year's Eve and Josh has a high-flying proposal planned. An exclusive pod on the London Eye, with champagne, truffles and the ring. It's perfect. Until she says no. And they have to spend the next 29 excruciating minutes alone together. By the time Josh is back on the ground, his whole life is up in the air. He's managed to lose his girlfriend, his job and his flat. Realising he can't trust his own judgement, Josh puts his faith in fate. From now on he will make every choice by flipping a coin. It's reckless and scary, but Josh has tried the right way and look where he ended up. And what if the girl of his dreams is just one flip of a coin away? Hilarious, feel-good and uplifting. A romantic comedy perfect for anyone who has ever failed at love. 'This is going to be The Flatshare of 2020' MIRANDA DICKINSON Fans of The Flatshare, Don't You Forget About Me and Richard Curtis will LOVE this. READERS RATE THE FLIP SIDE 5 STARS! 'I devoured this book in a few hours and couldn't put it down a laugh-out-loud, heart-warming romantic comedy that will leave you pondering whether you could ever leave fate up to the flip of a coin It's always a good sign when a story has me laughing out loud from the first few chapters! It was fantastic! A perfect summer read!! A lovely story for modern times with lovely characters throughout A hilarious book that I enjoyed reading from beginning to end. There wasn't a dull moment A lovely, laugh out loud romcom. I read The Flip Side in two sittings, and didn't want it to end

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