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Sri Siddhi Ma: The Story of Neem Karoli Baba's Spiritual Legacy 24.0%OFF

Sri Siddhi Ma: The Story of Neem Karoli Baba's Spiritual Legacy

by Jaya Prasada

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    Penguin India

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  • Description

    Spiritual figure Neem Karoli Baba, popularly known as Maharaj ji, believed the highest form of devotion to god was through seva, i.e. service. With notable devotees around the world, including Dr Larry Brilliant and Jeffrey Skroll, he dedicated his entire life to it.A key figure, who possibly played the most important role in his life, and in his mission, was Sri Siddhi Ma. A close devotee of Maharaj ji and considered by many to be a great yogini and saint in her own right, served as his right hand.Jaya Prasada devoted her entire life to Ma and Maharaj, and their beliefs. Initially not a strong believer, she went on to imbibe Maharaj ji's teachings, and with the help and guidance she received from Ma, understood her purpose and found what she believed was missing all her life. Filled with anecdotes and accounts of the godly and supernatural events Prasada saw with her own eyes in the company of such strong, spiritually charged figures, she tells the story of their journey and her own with sensitivity, wit and charm. Enough to turn a non-believer into a believer.

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    Dr Jaya Prasada was born on 13th August 1948 in Lucknow. She graduated from Loreto College, with a Master's Degree from the University of Lucknow. In 1981, she did her PHD on Prime Minister Indira Gandhi from the University of Rohilkhand. Prasada was the closest disciple of divine mother Sri Siddhi Ma, who inherited the spiritual legacy of Neem Karoli Baba. Her debut book is dedicated to her guru Sri Siddhi Ma and takes us into the life and times of the silent saint of Kainchi. Prasada lives between Kainchi Dham and her home 'Teertham' in Nainital, where Sri Siddhi Ma took mahasamadhi in December 2017. She is an ardent photographer, a keen mountain traveller and likes to keep up with technology.

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