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Patent Agent Examination 2nd edition Edition 18.0%OFF

Patent Agent Examination 2nd edition Edition

by Sheetal Chopra and Akash Taneja

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  • Description

    Patent Agent Examination is a reference book for students and industry professionals preparing for the patent agent exam. Written by Sheetal Chopra and Dr. Akash Taneja, this is the second edition of the book that got published in 2010. The book has been re-designed in accordance with the changes in the framework of the patent agent examination of 2010. It presents the relevant study material required to crack the exams. The readers will also get to know the updated Indian Patents Act and Rules, which is the law related to patents. The authors have explained the rules and various sections of the law in a simple consolidated table for better understanding. The book takes care of both the papers that form the part of the examination. For the first paper, it teaches students all about the patent act and the associated rules. Moreover, it covers the second paper by providing several instances of drafting of specifications from given claims and background. Examples related to drafting of claims from certain given specifications are also detailed in this book. This text covers various crucial topics related to the subject such as fees, petitions, timelines, drafting of the licensing agreements, patent applications, and a list of forms for filing patents. The reader gets abreast with all the aspects of patents as the book is loaded with updated data, statistics, and case studies. They have also included the text of the Manual of Patent Practice and Procedure in this book. Model question papers of 2008 and 2010 have been included and the authors have provided insightful tips on viva-voce. Additionally, the book offers objective, descriptive, and interpretative questions that help the reader get a feel of the real examination. Sheetal Chopra, the co-author of this book, is a Registered Patent Agent. She leads the activities of FICCI-MSME IPR Facilitation Centre and heads the activities of the Intellectual Property Rights Division, FICCI. Dr. Akash Taneja is a Ph.D holder and works as the Joint Director-General of Foreign Trade in the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India. He is famously known as the founder of the National Intellectual Property Organisation (NIPO). This organization aims to protect, promote, and develop intellectual property. He is also a civil servant and has worked as the Executive Director, FICCI Institute of Intellectual Property Development.

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