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Objective Physics for NEET - Volume II 25.0%OFF

Objective Physics for NEET - Volume II

by Stalin Malhotra

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    Macgraw Hill Education

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    Entrance Exams

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  • Description

    The revised edition of Objective Physics for NEET Volume II has been considerably enriched with crisp theory, graded assignments, cumulative revision and a sufficient number of practice questions. This volume contains about 4000 Multiple Choice Questions with detailed solutions and also includes several Assertion-Reason questions. This title is a comprehensive one-stop resource for aspirants aiming to score maximum marks in the Physics paper of various medical entrance examinations in the country. Key Features: 1. Based on the latest NEET syllabus, keeping in mind the NCERT curriculum 2. Has questions structured as per the latest examination pattern of NEET 3. Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) have been graded into various complexity levels 4. Key Points to Remember, Important Results and Tips are followed by fully solved MCQs in each chapter 5. Contains Assertion-Reason Questions for AIIMS aspirants 6. Each topic concludes with a Graded Assignment 7. Answers Keys with Complete Solution of all the above exercises 8. Plenty of objective questions based on numerical and graphs 9. Questions from previous years competition have been included 10. Solutions of previous years AIPMT and NEET questions have been added at the end of the book

  • Author Biography

    Stalin Malhotra Former Director Delhi Public School Faridabad

  • TOC

    Preface ...(v) Syllabus for National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) - Physics ...(vii) Chapter-1 E lectrostatics 1.11.76 Chapter-2 C urrent Electricity 2.12.86 Chapter-3 Magnetic Effect of Current 3.13.69 and Magnetism Chapter-4 E lectromagnetic Induction and 4.14.61 Chapter-5 E lectromagnetic Waves 5.15.26 Chapter-6 Op tics 6.16.90 Chapter-7 D ual Nature of Radiation and Matter 7.17.45 Chapter-8 A toms and Nuclei 8.18.54 Chapter-9 S emiconductor Devices and Digital Circuits 9.19.40 AIPMT-2008 PYQ.1PYQ.10 AIPMT-2009 PYQ.11PYQ.21 AIPMT-2010 PYQ.23PYQ.34 AIPMT-2011 PYQ.35PYQ.46 AIPMT-2012 PYQ.47PYQ.59 NEET-2013 PYQ.61PYQ.72 AIPMT-2014 PYQ.73PYQ.85 AIPMT-2015 PYQ.87PYQ.101 NEET-2016 PYQ.103PYQ.113 NEET-2017 PYQ.115PYQ.127 Graded Assignment-1 GA .1GA.10 Graded Assignment-2 GA .11GA.20 Graded Assignment-3 GA .21GA.30 Graded Assignment-4 GA .31GA.40 Graded Assignment-5 GA .41GA.50 Graded Revision Assignment-6 GA .51GA.55 Graded Revision Assignment-7 GA .57GA.61 Graded Revision Assignment-8 GA .63GA.67 Graded Revision Assignment-9 GA .69GA.73 Graded Revision Assignment-10 GA .75GA.79 Mock Test Paper - 1 MTP.1MTP.6 Mock Test Paper - 2 MTP.7MTP.12

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