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Objective Horticulture 21.0%OFF

Objective Horticulture

by Neeraj Pratap Singh

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    CBS Publishers & Distributors

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  • Description

    Salient Features of the Book: Includes all important fields of Horticulture Sciences. The book covers all topics relevant to the study of the subject for undergraduate postgraduate and Ph.D. students. Covers the syllabus of every Horticulture Competitive Exam. Selected and standard questions set up for sound knowledge of the subject. Rare and latest information provided in each step. Comprises Glossary, Multiple Choice, Matching, True/FaIse and Fill in the Blanks. Large number of seIf-framed and new questions. Content presented in comprehensive and lucid manner.

  • Author Biography

    The author, Neeraj Pratap Singh continuous brilliant university career in Agriculture, bedecked with medals, prizes and scholarships. He passed B.Sc. (Ag AH) from C.S. Azad University of Agriculture and Technology, Kanpur and was awarded University Bronze Medal'. He also received Achhaiwar Singh Memorial Gold Medal' In Plant Breeding and Genetics. He has done his M.Sc. (Ag) in Horticulture from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasl, securing second position in Department of Horticulture. The author is a member of General Scientific Societies and Journals. He has to his credit a number of research papers popular scientific articles and technical bulletins. He has gained first hand extension experience In villages. Hamlets and rural areas in various capacities. He was actively associated with the projects of UPCAR, UPLDC, UPDASP and severaal other research and development works. Presently he is working as Executive (Horticulture).

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