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NMAT by GMAC Official Guide 2019 26.0%OFF

NMAT by GMAC Official Guide 2019


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  • Description

    NMAT by GMAC (TM) Official Guide 2019 is a must-have book for those who want to attain a high score on the prestigious NMAT exam. It has been created by the exam conducting authority (GMACTM) and is the only source of Real NMAT Questions from past exams. The book steers clear of jargon and explains even the most complex concepts in a simple-to-understand language. What further differentiates this book is the various question-specific and section-specific strategies that it uses to analyze the various elements of the exam. These methods provide you invaluable skills to arrive at the correct answer and develop the ability to solve any question type, no matter how difficult.

  • Author Biography

    The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMACTM) is a global non-profit organization comprised of leading graduate business schools around the world. GMACTM is the maker of the GMAT and NMAT by GMAC exams. GMAC believes that business and management are critical to the economic and social well-being of people worldwide. It advocates for graduate management education and its value to individuals and society. GMAC strives to increase access in order to grow and diversify the candidate pool; develop assessments to meet global management education needs; and extend the value to schools with its products, services and industry knowledge. GMAC meets the needs of management schools and current and prospective students, through a wide array of products, services and programmes designed to open doors for students, professionals and graduate management programmes worldwide. GMAC also serves as the leading source of research and information about quality graduate management education.

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