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Monk in a Merc: Moksha in a Material World with All Its Perks 25.0%OFF

Monk in a Merc: Moksha in a Material World with All Its Perks

by Ashok Panagariya

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    Bloomsbury India

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  • Description

    Could we find happiness and attain mental peace without relinquishing our material goals? What if we could understand why we behave and act the way we do? How does our brain really trick us into many of the decisions we make every day? What if we could actually train our brain and improve our ability to lead a more meaningful life-not only for ourselves but also for society. In this brilliantly engaging read, Ashok Panagariya blends his life experiences with modern science and Indic philosophy to tackle these questions and shares tools that anyone can acquire to become a better 'brain-manager'. He delves deeply into the human mind, showing what makes the brain unique and the remarkable intrinsic capacity it holds to influence our lives. He does all this while making us acutely aware of the role luck and chance play in how we eventually shape up. Monk in a Merc is an insightful read for anyone looking to achieve eternal happiness and peace while still enjoying all that life offers-material wealth and professional success. It turns the table on the conventional understanding of monkhood, which seeks renunciation of material pursuits in search of a spiritual quest.

  • Author Biography

    Dr Ashok Panagariya, one of India's leading neurologists, is a recipient of the prestigious Padma Shri and the BC Roy Award. A former President of Indian Academy of Neurology, he has practised medicine for over 40 years and has served more than a million patients. A mentor and a life coach to many, Dr Panagariya endeavours to help people find health, happiness and longevity by tapping into the power of the brain and mind.

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