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Love Your Disease: Highway to Health 19.0%OFF

Love Your Disease: Highway to Health

by John M.D Harrison

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    Peacock Books

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    Highway to Health is a journey of exploration. It maximizes our own healing abilities of identifying attitudes, beliefs and opinions that impact our health. It continues the journey begun by Love Your Disease--It's Keeping You Healthy. We learn how to use our current problems to free up healing mechanisms which have evolved over millions of years, and which nature provides us. The process is exciting and very forgiving. A cornerstone of this journey is that we all do the very best we can in whatever circumstances we find ourselves. It's not possible for a human being to do less than her best. Life heals us, when we let it. Highway to Health is the second book in the Love Your Disease series. The first, Love Your Disease--It's Keeping You Healthy, outlines how to use our personality to heal us and the third, Love Your Disease--Where There's Smoke... outlines how to use addiction itself, to move beyond it. After graduating in medicine, John Harrison travelled the world seeking un-orthodox healing methods before establishing a practice in mind-body medicine. He no longer works in a clinical setting. The website www.m3health.com provides further options to assist you on your journey to recovery.

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