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It's Your Baby

by Dr. Saroja Balan

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    Harpercollins India

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  • Description

    Becoming a parent can be both terrifying and exciting. You will have a million questions, from how to prepare for the birth to how to feed your baby to what to expect in terms of growth and what vaccines the baby needs. It can all be overwhelming. 'Helpful advice' often ends up being confusing, and the internet can be a source of panic. During her thirty years of practice, paediatrician Dr Saroja Balan has met thousands of parents and found herself answering the same questions. While she firmly believes parenting is mostly learning on the job, she knows a little help goes a long way. Written specifically for Indian parents, It's Your Baby is the best support to accompany you on your journey. It is meant to help you figure out when your child needs to see a doctor and when you can handle things on your own. Covering basics such as sleep, breastfeeding and common ailments, it also includes all you need to know about screen time, childhood obesity, pollution and parenting styles, helping you navigate the first two years of parenthood. Dr Balan's reassuring, no-nonsense approach makes this the essential guide for a safe and healthy child - and a more confident you!

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    Dr Saroja Balan is Senior Consultant Neonatologist at the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, specialising in neonatal intensive care as well as paediatric outpatient practice. She graduated from Madras Medical College, trained in paediatrics and neonatology in the UK, and is a Fellow at the Royal College of Physicians, Glasgow. Dr Balan consults as a paediatrician at BabyCenter, the go-to online platform for new parents. She has contributed several articles to medical journals and publications.

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