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In the City a Mirror Wandering 25.0%OFF

In the City a Mirror Wandering

by Upendranath Ashk

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    Penguin Random House India

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  • Description

    Magnificent . . . Ashk writes with a clear hand and is served well by Daisy Rockwell as she recreates a compelling narrative'-Dawn Unfolding over the course of a single day, Ashk's sweeping sequel to Falling Walls explores the inner struggles of Chetan, an aspiring young writer, as he roams the labyrinthine streets of 1930s' Jalandhar, haunted by his thwarted ambitions but intent on fulfilling his dreams. Smarting from his recent failures in Lahore and Shimla, Chetan is faced with the prospect of taking up a dead-end job. To make matters worse, he is married to a woman he does not love and is pining for another man's wife. Constrained by his circumstances, wracked with remorse and regret, he desperately seeks a way out of his myriad problems. And as he trudges around Jalandhar, constantly running into people he'd rather avoid, Chetan finds himself confronting the tangled memories, frailties and fears that assail him. Intensely poignant and vividly evocative, In the City a Mirror Wandering is an exploration of not only a dynamic, bustling city but also the rich tapestry of human emotion that consumes us all.

  • Author Biography

    Upendranath Ashk, 1910-1996, was one of Hindi literature's best known and most controversial authors. Ashk was born in Jalandhar and spent the early part of his writing career as an Urdu author in Lahore. Encouraged by Premchand, he switched to Hindi, and a few years before Partition, moved to Bombay, Delhi and finally Allahabad in 1948, where he spent the rest of his life. By the time of his death, Ashk's phenomenally large oeuvre spanned over a hundred volumes of fiction, poetry, memoir, criticism and translation. Ashk is perhaps best known for his six-volume novel cycle, Girti Divarein, or 'Falling Walls'-an intensely detailed chronicle of the travails of a young Punjabi man attempting to become a writer-which has earned the author comparisons to Marcel Proust. Ashk was the recipient of numerous prizes and awards during his lifetime for his masterful portrayal, by turns humorous and remarkably profound, of the everyday lives of ordinary people. Daisy Rockwell is an artist and writer living in northern New England. She paints under the takhallus, or alias, Lapata (Urdu for 'missing'), and has shown her artwork widely. Rockwell holds a PhD in Hindi literature and has taught Hindi-Urdu and South Asian literature at a number of US universities. Apart from her essays on literature and art, she has written Upendranath Ashk: A Critical Biography, The Little Book of Terror, a book of paintings and essays on the global war on terror and the novel Taste. She has translated a collection of Ashk's short stories, Hats and Doctors (published in Penguin Classics), and a widely acclaimed translation of Girti Divarein (published in Penguin Classics as Falling Walls), the first volume of Ashk's epic novel cycle. Her translation of Bhisham Sahni's iconic Partition novel Tamas (also published in Penguin Classics) is regarded as the definitive English rendition of that work.

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