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How to Pass Verbal Reasoning Tests: Intermediate Level 19.0%OFF

How to Pass Verbal Reasoning Tests: Intermediate Level

by Harry Tolley

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    Kogan Page Limited

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    Entrance Exams

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  • Description

    Verbal reasoning tests are commonly used as part of selection or assessment procedures to establish how competent candidates are in their understanding of written English. This fully revised and expanded new edition of How to Pass Verbal Reasoning Tests will help you to prepare for such tests and give you the confidence to succeed. Now containing even more practice questions with answers and explanations, it covers all the common types of intermediate level test, such as: Aissing words; Word links; Word swap; Hidden sentences; Sentence sequence; Text comprehension; Verbal logical reasoning.

  • Author Biography

    Dr Harry Tolley is a Special Professor in the School of Education at the University of Nottingham as well as a researcher, author and freelance consultant. Dr Ken Thomas was Principal Lecturer in Educational Management at the Hong Kong Institute of Education and is now a chartered psychologist and author. Table of Contents Introduction A brief guide to tests What are tests? Why do employers use tests? How can tests help you? Do tests discriminate? What are practice tests? What types of practice tests are available? What skills are being tested in different types of test? Which versions of English are assessed in verbal reasoning tests? How important is it to do well on selection tests? How to prepare for tests Can practice tests make a difference? How to perform to the best of your ability on tests How to use the practice tests What do your practice-test scores mean? How do make use of feedback from practice tests Other things you can do to improve your verbal reasoning skills Online testing Taking real tests Verbal usage tests Word swap tests Word links tests Hidden sentences tests Sentence sequence tests Text comprehension tests Verbal logical reasoning tests Answers

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