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How Leaders Decide (Tackling Biases and Risks in Decision-making) 22.0%OFF

How Leaders Decide (Tackling Biases and Risks in Decision-making)

by Harjeet Khanduja

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  • Description

    Organizations provide mind-boggling compensations to their leaders as compared to an average employee. Is it because they work more? Just like the saying we are the decisions we make, the very existence of an organization depends on the decisions its leaders make! Decision-making is not just a process. It is an interplay among competitive strategies, processes, design, values and culture. Narrating the experiences of industry decision-makers, the book demonstrates that organizational decision-making is about making tough choicesnavigating through a minefield of biases and execution issues. It walks the readers through the challenges faced by every decision-maker and how these decisions affect the organization. It also goes on to lay out a series of tools that readers can immediately use to enhance their organizational decision-making skills. From analysing key decisions of the past to shaping new ones, this book will equip readers with effective strategies that will allow them to become an integral part of their organizations decision-making environment. Businesses are always on the lookout for effective decision-makers. Whether you are looking to move up the career ladder or do well in your personal life, with How Leaders Decide you will be well on your way.

  • Author Biography

    Harjeet Khanduja is an international speaker, author, poet, business leader, inventor and influencer. He is known as R. K. Laxman of business. Harjeet is a Thomson Medallist from IIT Roorkee and has completed his management education from INSEAD. He is a certified practitioner of SAP HCM, Six Sigma, executive coaching, OKRs, design thinking, predictive index, Tata Business Excellence Model, ISO 9000, ISO 27000, Insights Wheel, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), value engineering, Kaizen and 5S. He has three published patents in the area of HR technology. Harjeet has set multiple green field projects and has handled HR for large multinational organizations in various geographies, including India, the United States and Canada. His experience spans a range of industry sectors which include automotive, manufacturing, pharma, alternate energy, ITITES, telecom, digital, healthcare and retail and has worked with business houses like Tata, Reliance and Piramal. He is currently working as Senior Vice President HR at Reliance Jio

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