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Fruit Science Culture and Technology: Vol. 04: Temperate Fruits 24.0%OFF

Fruit Science Culture and Technology: Vol. 04: Temperate Fruits

by J S Bal

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  • Description

    The various aspects of fruit cultivation mainly covered are nutritive and cultural significance; origin, history, and distribution; taxonomical and botanical description; climatic and soil adaptability; propagation technology and rootstocks; plant and fruit physiology; recommended and popular cultivars; planning and planting; soil cultural practices technology - water need, nutritional need, weed control, inter culture; plant cultural practices technology - training and pruning, fruit thinning ,fruit quality improvement, use of plant growth regulators; special problems; harvesting and production of fruits; post-harvest fruit technology; insect-pests and diseases management; marketing and export potential. Section-1 cover 1; section- 2 covers 5; section-3 covers 4 and section 4 cover 1 temperate fruits in order of their importance. Scientists working in different Universities/Institutions and Research Stations have contributed chapter on fruit crops in their respective areas of specialization. The book will be highly beneficial to the graduate and post-graduate students in Fruit Science, fruit growers, scientists and extension workers.

  • Author Biography

    J.S. Bal: PhD. (Hort.), Former Professor of Horticulture, Department of Fruit Science, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana-141004, Punjab.

  • TOC

    Section 1: Culture and Technology of Major Temperate Fruits 1. Apple by D.P. Sharma, N. Sharma and Rimpika Section 2: Culture and Technology of Common Temperate Fruits 2. Pear by Sukhdev Singh 3. Peach by Harminder Singh and Indira Devi 4. Plum by J.S. Bal 5. Apricot by Deepji Bhat, V.K. Wali and Manish Bakshi 6. Walnut by Amit Kumar and K. Kumar Section 3: Culture and Technology of Minor Temperate Fruits 7. Almond by Arti Sharma,V.K.Wali and Simrandeep 8. Kiwi by J.S. Chandel and Pramod Verma 9. Cherry by Desh Beer Singh 10. Strawberry by S.K. Bhatia and R.B. Kumatkar Section 4: Culture and Technology of Minor Sub-Temperate Fruits 11. Persimmon by Girish Sharma, Kiran Thakur, Deepika Negi and Nirmla Chauhan.

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