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Flowering Trees: Vol.12. Horticulture Science Series 8.0%OFF

Flowering Trees: Vol.12. Horticulture Science Series

by P.K. and Valsalakumari

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    New India Publishing Agency (NIPA)

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  • Description

    Nature has gifted man with trees for his sustainable livelihood. Trees are an integral part of any landscape. Apart from beautifying our surroundings, trees are used functionally to improve the quality of environment particularly in urban areas, where the environment is degrading at a faster rate. The significance of growing trees is widely understood in recent days. The book on 'Flowering Trees' begins with describing India's heritage in growing trees, the spiritual and religious significance of trees and role of trees in indigenous landscaping and sacred groves, where their main function is conservation of biodiversity. The functional values of trees in modern landscaping such as to reduce glare, climate modification, pollution control, their ecological value and various uses for aesthetic purposes are dealt with in detail in this book. Avenue planting is also described in detail. Principles and designs for planting trees, methods of planting, cultural practices, pruning, problems in tree growing and various methods to overcome them are also described. The psychological effects of plants on human beings and the astrological significance of trees are discussed in this book. The book includes detailed descriptions of ornamental, economic and medicinal trees. Separate s on trees for Bonsai and renewable energy are also included in this book.

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    K.V. Peter: Professor of Horticulture, Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur-680 656, Kerala, India

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