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Entrepreneurship Development in Food Processing

Entrepreneurship Development in Food Processing

by K.P. Sudheer & V Indira

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  • Description

    A publication of the sort Entrepreneurship Development in Food Processing covering various facets of entrepreneurial opportunities in processing sector. The editors have made an exhaustive effort to provide information on various entrepreneurial opportunities in food processing sector. This book clarifies most of the technical questions which arises on entrepreneurship ventures in food processing sector. Also, the book will be useful to prospective entrepreneurs, food engineers, agricultural engineers, food processors, food technologists, researchers and also to those who are working in the relevant fields.

  • Author Biography

    K.P. Sudheer: (ICAR National Fellow) Professor & Head, Department of Agricultural Engineering Project Coordinator, Centre of Excellence in Post-harvest Technology, V. Indira: Former Professor & Head, Department of Home Science, College of Horticulture, Vellanikkara, Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur.

  • TOC

    1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship Development in Food Processing by Sudheer K P and Sangeetha K Prathap 2. Making of an Entrepreneur Concepts and Functions by Sangeetha K Prathap 3. Role of ABI for Entrepreneurship Development in Value Addition Sector by Manoj P Samuel, George Ninan and Ravishankar C N 4. Trends in Food Processing An Opportunity to Entrepreneur by Sudheer K P, Saranya S, Ranasalva N & Seema B R 5. Rice Milling Sector A Prospective Avenue for Entrepreneurs by Sudheer K P and Ravindra Naik 6. Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Rice Processing by Durgadevi M, Sinija V R, Hema V and Anandharamakrishnan C 7. An Insight to Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Millet Processing by Udaykumar Nidoni, Mouneshwari K, Ambrish G, Mathad P F, Shruthi V H and Anupamac C 8. Entrepreneurship Developments in Pulse Processing by Visvanathan R, Ravindra Naik, Vennila P, and Borkar P A 9. Prospects in Value Addition of Soybean by Ajesh Kumar V and Sumeda S Deshpande 10. Scope of Entrepreneurship Developments in Groundnut Processing by Vishnu Vardhan S 11. Entrepreneurship Development in Jaggery Processing by Jagannadha Rao P V K 12. Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Milk Processing by Aswin S Warrier and Aparna Sudhakaran V 13. Entrepreneurship Ventures in Fish Processing by George Ninan and Ravishankar C N 14. Opportunities and Entrepreneurship Developments in Meat Processing by Renuka Nayar and Vasudevan V N 15. Using the Ps of Marketing to Sell your Product by Sangeetha K Prathap 16. How to Prepare Business Plans by Sangeetha K Prathap and Sudheer K P 17. Model Business Plan by Sangeetha K Prathap & Sudheer K P.

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