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Celebrate & Cook 26.0%OFF

Celebrate & Cook

by Amita Shah

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    Bloomsbury Publishing

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  • Description

    Young Indians these days often wonder about and question the relevance of observing rituals, upholding traditions and celebrating festivals. Sometimes, they are even unaware. A wonderful and unique chronicle of 27 major North Indian Hindu festivals, Celebrate & Cook helps answer these questions. It charts the origin and traces the trajectory these festivals-major ones such as Diwali and Lohri to lesser-known festivals like Ganga Dussehra and Sharad Purnima-have followed to modern times. The book intends to make every young Indian take pride in their culture and heritage and for the uninitiated, serves as a window into Hindu traditions. Further, it hopes to encourage the cooking of traditional meals during each festival, just as our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used to do. The recipes included are methodical and easy to follow and is a ready guide for even a beginner. Along with the recipes, the book stresses on the importance of chanting Sanskrit shlokas to perpetuate Vedic traditions and includes vernacular songs sung during festivals. To help the reader understand the relevance, pertinent transliteration has been included along with the meaning of the shlokas and the songs. Photographs by the celebrated Malaysian photographer S.C. Shekar make the book a visual delight and a coveted piece of collection. Come, celebrate, cook and enjoy.

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