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Be a Triangle: How I Went from Being Lost to Getting My Life into Shape 22.0%OFF

Be a Triangle: How I Went from Being Lost to Getting My Life into Shape

by Lilly Singh

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  • Description

    Everyone knows that sometimes, life just sucks ? even world-famous actress, author, and creator Lilly Singh. In this book, Lilly provides a safe space where listeners can learn how to create a sense of peace within themselves. Without sugarcoating what its like to face adversity ? including Lillys intensely personal struggles with identity, success, and self-doubt ? she teaches listeners to unsubscribe from cookie-cutter ideals. With her signature blend of vulnerability, insight, and humor, Lilly instructs listeners to be a triangle: You must build a solid foundation for your life, one that can be built upon, but never fundamentally changed or destroyed. As she puts it, we must always find a way to come home to ourselves ? we must create a place, a set of beliefs, a simple set of priorities to come back to should life lead us astray, which it will. Like a wise, empathetic friend who always keeps you honest, Lilly pushes you to adjust your mindset and change the conversations you have with yourself. The result is a deeply humane, entertaining, and uplifting guide to befriending yourself and becoming a true miracle for the world.

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    Lilly Singh is a multi-faceted entertainer, actress, producer, writer and creator. A leading force in the digital world, she has amassed a global audience of over 38 million followers across her social media channels, where she writes, directs, produces and stars in comedic and inspirational videos. Singh recently struck a first-look deal with Universal Television Alternative Studio (UTAS) with her Unicorn Island Productions banner. Currently, she is developing numerous projects across film and television. This April, Singh will appear in the second season of Hulus comedy Dollface and appear on the big screen starring in DreamWorks Animation action-comedy Bad Guys.

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