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Atank Se Samjhauta 24.0%OFF

Atank Se Samjhauta

by Dr. Praveen Tiwari

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    Saffron Terrorism is a term which is not just hurting the sentiments of Hindus but also posing a threat to fight real terrorism, nurtured in Pakistan and the Islamic States. This term was deliberately imposed by the UPA government for the sake of vote bank politics. There are some facts which could surprise you and that dirty vote politics could break all the barriers of ethics and national security. The Malegaon and Samjhauta blast were not the only ones disguised by UPA government, but the 26/11 Mumbai attack was also heading towards the same theory. The extent of the attack and a war like situation forced the politician to hold back this conspiracy. Kasab and his fellows came well-disguised into our borders. What could a mass murderer gain by trying to look like a Hindu or a Muslim? Would the wrist bands of terrorists have told a different story for the Mumbai attacks and Karkare's murder if we had not captured Kasab? The police had reached the same conclusion during the 2006 Malegaon blasts, when they arrested the SIMI activists. Then, we suddenly saw Aseemanand's confession after several years. These accused were eventually acquitted. Chidambaram unabashedly declared not to oppose their bail. This was a glaring example of communal politics. The mud could not stick in 26/11 attack case, but terror operations were now painted in saffron. The assumption that only Hindus could have planted bombs in Muslim majority areas endangered social amity. Now, the same probe agencies are giving clean chits to those accused of Saffron Terrorism. NIA is exposing the loopholes of the ATS investigation. However, will the real masterminds go scot-free? Should the manipulators of the Samjhauta Express bombings not be held accountable? Should we not investigate those who had exonerated Pakistan of its guilt? This book is an extensive research on dirty communal politics. How the UPA government was trying to stop Narendra Modi from becoming the Prime Ministerial candidate for the NDA government. Even the Gujarat Riot and Ishrat Jahan encounters were also deliberately portrayed in a wrong way. This vote politics was the greatest conspiracy ever in the history of Indian politics. You'll get exclusive interviews and some shocking evidence to prove that the Saffron Terrorism theory is the Great Indian Conspiracy.

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