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A Colour Handbook on Field Problems of Rabi Crops: Identification, Treatment and Management 29.0%OFF

A Colour Handbook on Field Problems of Rabi Crops: Identification, Treatment and Management

by Reena Sinha

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  • Description

    Rabi crops of rainfed areas are inflicted by several important insect pests, diseases and weeds. Correct identification of insect pests, diseases and weeds is therefore necessary not only for strict quarantine to check the spread of new pest species, but to achieve the desired productivity levels. The purpose of this publication entitled 'A Colour Handbook on Rainfed Rabi Crops: Protection, Constraints and Mitigation Strategies' is to assist the students, field researchers, agriculture department field functionaries, scholars and farmers in correct identification of these pests and their management thereof. In this book, efforts have been made to describe the damaging symptoms, identification characteristics, biology and management techniques of more than 100 pest species with their coloured illustrations.

  • Author Biography

    Reena, Sonika Jamwal, Anil Kumar, Jai Kumar, P.K. Rai, Brinder Singh, R. Puniya.

  • TOC

    Section A: Major Insect Pests 1.Cereals Wheat/Barley Pulses Chickpea Fieldpea Lentil Lathyrus Horsegram Oilseeds Mustard/Toria / Gobhi Sarson Polyphagous Pests Section B: Major Diseases 2.Cereals Wheat Barley Pulses Chickpea Lentil Field pea Rapeseed and Mustard Linseed Section C: Major Weeds 3.Cereals List of weeds in Rabi season crops Management of weeds in Cereals Management of weeds in Pulses Management of weeds in Oilseeds Non-crop lands weeds and their management Section D: Plant Nutrient Functions, their Deficiency and Toxicity Symptoms in Rainfed Rabi Crops 4.Functions of Plant Nutrient and Deficiency Symptoms Function of Plant Nutrient.

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