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Enhancing Nutrient Use Efficiency 29.0%OFF

Enhancing Nutrient Use Efficiency

by Kulasekaran Ramesh, Ashis Kumar Biswas and Brij Lal Lakaria

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  • Description

    Nutrient use efficiency is a measure of how efficiently plants use the available mineral nutrients to produce economic produce. Improving nutrient use efficiency is very much essential under current scenario besides an understanding of the nutrient dynamics in soil-plant system.Enhancing nutrient use efficiency: Concepts, methods, and management interventions is a comprehensive book which has a compilation of topics related to enhancement of nutrient use efficiency of various crops and cropping systems. Although it depends on the ability to plants to take up the nutrients from the soil, management practices have a key role to intervene the use efficiency. This book has 27 chapters written by eminent researchers in the field and addresses multifaceted approaches to enhance the nutrient use efficiency. Improving nutrient use efficiency is a prerequisite to reducing production costs in the wake of escalating cost of agricultural inputs in farming besides minimizing environmental contamination. Soil physical management is the foremost strategy to enhance the nutrient use efficiency. Hand held devices are popular among the farmers for nitrogen management in rice in several parts of the country, besides slow release nitrogenous fertilizers. Experiences from Long term fertilizer experiments and soil test crop response correlation are of immense use to understand the nutrient dynamics in soil and in turn designing practices for higher use efficiency. Besides describing the concepts and methods of nutrient use efficiency, management practices for dry land crops and cropping systems, cereal based cropping systems, rainfed pulses based cropping systems, soybean based cropping systems, sugarcane based cropping systems, cotton based cropping systems, tobacoo and oil seed based cropping systems, rapeseed mustard based cropping systems and spices based cropping systems are also dealt in this book and would serve as a resource guide for enhancing nutrient use efficiency in various crops and cropping systems.

  • Author Biography

    Kulasekaran Ramesh, Ashis Kumar Biswas, Brij Lal Lakaria, Sanjay Srivastava, Ashok Kumar Patra, ICAR-Indian Institute of Soil sciences, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India.

  • TOC

    Concepts and Methods of Nutrient Use Efficiency 1. Enhancing Nitrogen Use Efficiency- Challenges and Options A.K. Biswas, Pramod Jha and A. Subba Rao 2. Soil Testing: Basic Tool for Enhancing the Nutrient Use Efficiency Sanjay Srivastava, P. Dey and Shinogi, K.C. 3. Management of Soil Physical Environment for Higher Nutrient Use Efficiency Ritesh Saha 4. Non-Monetary and Low-Cost Agronomic Measures for Enhancing Nutrient Use Efficiency K. Ramesh, Pravin K. Upadhyay and K.G. Mandal 5. Plant Mechanisms for Nutrient Uptake and its Efficient Use R. Elanchezhian, V. Rajagopal and K. Ramesh 6. Controlled Release Fertilizers for Enhancing Nitrogen Use Efficiency B.P. Meena, K. Ramesh, Neenu S., Pramod Jha and I. Rashmi 7. Handheld Devices for Judging Nutrients in Crops and Their Role in Enhancing Nutrient Use Efficiency K. M. Hati, R. K. Singh and M. Mohanty 8. Nutrient Management for Enhancing Productivity and Nutrient Use Efficiencies in Long Term Fertilizer Experiments Muneshwar Singh and R.H. Wanjari 9. STCR-Based Fertilizer Recommendation and Improving Nutrient Response Ratio for Major Crops in India P. Dey 10 Improving Phosphorus Use Efficiency I.Rashmi, A.K. Biswas, Neenu S., B.P. Meena and Shinogi, K.C. Management Interventions and Socio-economic Issues 11. Preparation of Organic Nutrient Sources for Enhancing Nutrient Use Efficiency in Organic Farming A.B. Singh, K. Ramesh, Brij Lal Lakaria and J.K. Thakur 12. Organics in Meeting Nutrient Demands of Crops: Contents and Use Efficiency Brij Lal Lakaria, K. Ramesh, Pramod Jha and A.B. Singh 13. Water Management vis-a-vis Nutrient Use Efficiency of Crops and Cropping Systems K.G. Mandal and P.S. Brahmanand 14. Enhancing Nutrient Use Efficiency through Conservation Agriculture J. Somasundaram, K.M. Hati, R.S. Chaudhary, K. Ramesh, N.K.Sinha, A.K. Biswas, A.K. Shukla and A.K. Patra 15. Soil Microbial Diversity in Different Sustainable Agricultural Management Systems A.K. Patra, S.R. Mohanty and K. Bharati 16. Nano Science and Nanotechnology for Nutrient Use Efficiency Tapan Adhikari 17 Machinery for Precise Nutrient Application as a Means of Increasing Nutrient Use Efficiency with Special Reference to Fertigation K.V. Ramana Rao 18. Socio-Economic and Technological Issues Associated with the Field Level Adoption of Nutrient Management Technologies Shinogi, K.C. and Sanjay Srivastava Enhancing Nutrient Use Efficiency in Crops and Cropping Systems 19. Dryland Crops and Cropping Systems K. Sammi Reddy, Sumanta Kundu, K.L. Sharma and Ch. Srinivasarao 20 Cereal Based Cropping Systems R.H. Wanjari 21. Rainfed Pulses Based Cropping Systems P.M. Shanmugam and S.P. Sangeetha 22. Soybean Based Cropping Systems S.D. Billore 23. Sugarcane Based Cropping Systems Nitin Gudadhe, J.D. Thanki, Kulsekaran Ramesh, P.S. Bodake and S.R. Imade 24. Cotton Based Cropping Systems D. Blaise 25. Tobacoo and Oilseed Based Cropping Systems A.K. Vishwakarma 26. Rapeseed-Mustard Based Cropping Systems S.S. Rathore, Kapila Shekhawat, B.K. Kandpal and O.P. Premi 27. Spices Based Cropping Systems K. Kandiannan, R. Dinesh, V. Srinivasan, C.K. Thankamani and S. Hamza.

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